Frequenty asked questions



1) What is the scope?

Ans) The scope is vast. Knowledge of a foreign language will open up a new world of opportunities. Jobs could be found in the following sectors:

  1. Academic / Educational
  2. Professional.
  3. Technical and Engineering Positions
  4. Media and Arts
  5. Interpreters
  6. Translators
  7. Teachers
  8. Travel and tourism.


2) Which language is better?

Ans) No language is better or worse than another. Language is knowledge and knowledge is power. This power will give you an edge over those who do not possess it. It gives you greater access to unfamiliar cultures, societies and economic opportunities.


3) Can I learn it?

Ans) Yes, You can. As Indians, our greatest advantage is that we are naturally multilingual. Most of us speak our mother tongue in addition to 2-3 other languages.(Hindi, English etc)learning a language comes naturally to us. Also the profusion of foreign words already used in English gives us a familiarity with foreign languages. The Wikipedia says that in a dictionary of 80,000 words 40% of the words are of foreign origin. In fact the words on the cover page share one thing in common. They are all words of foreign origin. (Vanilla, plaza, cigar are Spanish, Albino is Portuguese, Balcony, Pizza are Italian).


4) Do I need to learn it?

Ans) Yes, if you want to explore new worlds of opportunity, creativity and learning. Learning a new language will give you greater access to admission in universities abroad. It will also help bridge the feeling of isolation when you are studying / working in a foreign country. As an attempt to reach maximum number of students, we have decided to launch a new initiative called ”Just for you”. As a part of this programme, we will come to your college and train you in the campus itself. The programme will include language training and soft skills training. Participants are free to choose a programme of their choice based on the timings allotted by your Deans/Principals.