Korean (TOPIK 2 - Level 3)

Korean is a language spoken primarily in North and South Korea, but also spoken by Korean expatriates and their descendants around the world. It is the official language of both North and South Korea, and is known for its complex writing system, which uses Hangul (a unique alphabet) and Hanja (Chinese characters). It also features a unique grammatical structure and a rich vocabulary. Korean culture and customs are deeply ingrained in the language, making it an important component of understanding the country and its people. It is widely spoken in business, politics and international relations. It's also studied as a second language in many universities and language schools around the world.

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The Korean TOPIK II Level 3 exam, also known as the Test of Proficiency in Korean, is a standardized test that assesses an individual's proficiency in the Korean language. It is intended for non-native speakers of Korean and is used to measure their ability to understand and use the language in various settings. The Level 3 exam is considered to be an intermediate level, and is intended for those who have a basic understanding of the language and are able to communicate in a limited way. The test covers listening, reading, writing, and grammar and vocabulary sections, and scores range from 10-300. A passing score at level 3 is considered a good indication of a person's ability to use the language at a basic level in daily life and work situations.

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    varun dumpala

    This course covers precisely the topics that I wanted to learn about and the material is presented in an enjoyable and engaging way. The instructor is easy to understand, and the exercises do a good job of reinforcing what I've learned. I'm looking forward to completing the course so that I can move on to Parts 4 through 6.

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